Program Details

Uses of Funds
Eligible uses of funds include energy audits, energy design charrettes, cleanenergy feasibility studies, and structural analyses to support the addition of roof insulation or solar. Other studies may also be eligible.

Program Grants may not be used to pay consultants or staff for the development of an application for the USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program or other funding programs.

Grantee Co-pay
The Community Facilities Energy Assessment Program will cover 75% of the cost of eligible studies. Participants are required to pay for 25% of the cost. Coverage of the 25% co-pay by another entity (such as utility incentives) may be acceptable as long as the applicant demonstrates intent to pursue implementation of the ultimate energy project.

Grant Award Cap
Based on limited funding available for the program, each grant award will be limited to $6,000 -subject to change based on program demand.

Technical Assistance
The Clean Energy Fund Program Director is qualified to provide technical assistance from the earliest stages of project development through project completion and monitoring. Energy technical assistance as well as guidance regarding rebates, grants, and other sources of project support are available.

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