Policies & Procedures

A number CDFA policies are cross-cutting for all program areas and can potentially impact your project. Please click on the documents below to learn more about each item.

CDFA Privacy Policy
As a public instrumentality of the State of NH, CDFA is subject to NH’s Right-to-Know law, RSA 91-A. Accordingly, all information and documents created, accepted, or obtained by CDFA, or on behalf of  CDFA by third parties, shall be potentially subject to disclosure in compliance with RSA 91-A.

CDFA Energy Policy
CDFA aims to ensure that our investments support projects working to reduce future operating costs, improving occupant comfort and health and ensuring facility durability. CDFA’s Energy Policy supports applicants in identifying energy opportunities and potential funding/financing resources.   ​

CDFA Signage Requirements
All CDFA contracts require that projects in which signage is displayed include CDFA’s logo.

Electronic Signature Policy
This policy establishes when an electronic signature may replace a written signature and when an electronic record may replace a paper document.

Record Retention Policy
The Record Retention Policy identifies the organizations record retention responsibilities for maintaining and documenting the storage and destruction of the organization’s documents and

Right to Know Policy
CDFA is subject to RSA 91-A, New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know law. All information and documents created, accepted or obtained by, or on behalf of, CDFA are potentially subject to disclosure in compliance with RSA 91-A.

Right to Know Request
If you would like to submit a Right to Know request to CDFA, please use our request form.

Financial Documents Explanation
This document explains what Financial documents CDFA requires for applications and provides links to helpful Web resources for more in-depth explanations about those documents and why they are commonly used.