Accessing Funds

Accurate financial record-keeping, including the timely deposit, disbursement and accounting of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds is crucial to the successful management of a CDBG funded project. Grantees must take the following steps to prepare a financial management system to receive and utilize CDBG grant funds:
1. Appoint a person to be responsible for Financial Management,
2. Establish accounting records,
3. Set up bank accounts or separate ledger accounts, and establish receipting procedures, and
4. Establish procedures for approving invoices, submitting claims, and issuing payment to vendors.

Financial record-keeping is the primary responsibility of the Grantee’s Chief Financial Officer, i.e. the Clerk-Treasurer or Auditor, or any other authorized individual. It is the responsibility of the Grant Administrator to advise, assist and counsel the Chief Financial Officer on administrative requirements in regard to the receipt, disbursement and accounting of federal funds and the records to be maintained. Failure to comply with financial management standards may result in monitoring and audit findings. Depending on the infraction, the Grantee may be required to payback federal dollars. This chapter will focus on the records that must be maintained in order to receive and utilize CDBG funds. A CDBG Webinar Video on this topic can be viewed by clicking the link.

Specific topics include the following:

  • Applicable Requirements
  • Establishing a Financial Management System
  • Line of Credit Establishment
  • Required Financial Records
  • Drawdown of Funds
  • Grant Administration Costs