Accessing Funds: Section 6.3 Requests for Payment Procedures

All requests for payment of CDBG funds are submitted via the Grants Management System (GMS). Grantees may submit one (1) Request for Payment per grant per month.

The request should outline the:

  • Amount of federal funds previously requested;
  • Amount of federal funds disbursed;
  • Amount of program income (when applicable);
  • Activities associated with this payment request; and
  • Balance of federal funds on hand.

If a grantee has received more than one grant, a separate request should be completed for each grant. The requests for CDBG funds should be consolidated to the extent possible and timed to be in accordance with the actual, immediate cash requirements of the grantee in carrying out the approved activities.

Program income must be disbursed by the grantee before additional funds are requested. See more about Program Income later in this chapter.

Funds drawn down will be deposited directly into the ACH Account, when an EFT Authorization Form has been submitted or a check will be mailed.

Grantee’s should maintain a physical or digital copy of each payment request in chronological order. The amounts entered in each column should be capable of being verified against your financial and project records. All budget revisions and related correspondence should be maintained with these records.

Attachment 6-3: Sample Payment Request

Attachment 6-4: GMS Claim Instructions

Attachment 6-5: EFT Authorization Form

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