Grant Administration

Below is additional information on the various components of grant administration relevant to the Tax Credit Program and resources to help grantees engage with business donors.

Tax Credit Award
Understanding next steps in the timeline and administration of the Tax Credit award.

Tax Credit Basics
Additional information on how the Tax Credit works, including the donation process.

Guidance on how to approach marketing a Tax Credit award.

Tax Credit Calculator
An interactive calculator in Excel to help business donors understand the return-on-investment of supporting a project through the Tax Credit Program. An online version of the Tax Credit calculator can be found here.

Tax Credit FAQs
Addresses Frequently Asked Questions from the perspective of the business donor. Download as a PDF.

Overview of CDFA Tax Credit Program
Information on the Tax Credit Program from the perspective of the business donor. Download as a PDF.

CDFA Tax Credit Program Pledge Agreement
The New Hampshire Tax Credit Program Pledge Agreement.

Tax Credit 101
Information on grant administration, how the Tax Credit and pledge process work, and helpful tips for fundraising can be found throughout this presentation. A recording of CDFA’s June 2023 Tax Credit 101 webinar can be viewed here: Part 1 / Part 2.