Reporting Requirements

All reporting and amendments are completed in the Status Report component in Grants Management System. The component will grant access to a drop down list of the following reports:

  • Monthly Fundraising Report – This report tracks fundraising progress. There are no mandatory monthly requirements or goals for businesses contacted or pledges received. It is a tool to ensure projects reach their fundraising goals with the assistance of monitoring by the CDFA program director.
  • Annual Report – Each year a project is active and drawing down funds, it will be required to submit an annual report by July 31 to show progress towards project outcomes. These outcomes are those described in the outcome measures section of the application and also appear in the contract with CDFA. The annual report will also need to include a timeline detailing outcome goals and project completion. In addition to the summary on outcomes, there is a section of the report that requires data input on the proposed outcomes vs. the actual outcomes achieved to-date. Lastly, CDFA request the organization provides its most recent Annual Report and audited financial statements. The Final Report will also be completed on the Annual Report template. It must be submitted within 30 days after the completion of the project.
  • Tax Credit Amendment Request – Projects are required to submit a Tax Credit Amendment Request for any goal changes, time extensions, target area changes, budget revisions, change in organization name or a change in project scope. A written explanation, attachments as needed and a signature of the authorized official are required. All amendments must be approved by CDFA before they are implemented.
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