Programmatic Framework

The NH Community Navigators – Programmatic Framework provides more detail on Spoke responsibilities, with a particular focus on efforts to engage with Community Partners and target outreach/marketing to identified underserved communities and small businesses.

Target Population

As outlined in the SBA Notice of Award/Contract with CDFA and the individual Spoke Subrecipient Agreement, Spokes are required to identify new small-business clients from underserved communities and target populations. The Navigator program can build from and intersect with the other small-business-support programs (such as the Microenterprise program), but the primary goal of the CNPP is to meet and support the needs of new underserved community members.

Community Partners

A ‘community partner’ is an organization, alliance, group, association, individual business or business owner with deep connections within and/or trusted relationships with people and business owners in underserved communities and within target populations of NH residents, with a particular emphasis on racial justice and multicultural capacity. Community partners serve a vital role as trusted advisors and connectors within communities; they can help build a bridge between underserved businesses/target populations and Spokes and the larger the ecosystem of small-business support and financing entities.

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