Reporting Requirements: 11.2 Labor Standards Reporting

The grantee is responsible for submitting two regularly scheduled Labor Standards reports as described in Chapter 8: Labor Standards.

    • Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report – HUD 4710 Form. These reports must be submitted to CDFA as follows:
      Form 4710 Reporting Period Due Date
      Oct 1 – Mar 31 Apr 1
      April 1 – Sept 30 Oct 1
  • Additionally, if enforcement actions involving in excess of $1,000 or willful violations occur, grantees must complete a Section 5.7 Enforcement Report found in Attachment 9-17.

NOTE: These enforcement actions appear in two reports. A separate Section 5.7 Enforcement Report is to be submitted to CDFA and those incidents are reported again in a summarized fashion in the Form 4710. The Section 5.7 Enforcement Report does not replace the need to include that same incident in the Form 4710 report.

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