Grant Administration: Section 4.7 Project Signage

All CDFA contracts require that CDFA’s logo be displayed on all signage listing project funders. This signage informs citizens that the project is being funded by CDFA’s CDBG Program, as well as listing the sponsor, architect and/or engineer, and contractor, as applicable.
When signs are posted, both the CDFA and the HUD logos must be used for any project signage. The CDFA and HUD logos may not be any smaller than 50% of the size of the largest logo displayed.
This signage requirement can be waived if no other partner/entity requires worksite signage and creating signage solely for CDFA poses a hardship. Alternatively, if none of these are applicable/feasible, an alternative display of the CDFA logo or public recognition must be approved by CDFA.

Photographic evidence of the signage must be made available at monitoring. Files of the required logos can be downloaded via Attachment 4-13 CDFA and HUD logos

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