Administrative Requirements

The applicant should understand the Administrative, Program and Implementation requirements of the CDBG funds before applying for funds.

For additional information about the Administrative Requirements the applicant can find additional information on the following compliance requirements in the CDBG Implementation Guide on CDFA’s Resource Hub here and some of those topics outlined in this section of the application and program guide.

Access the full Administrative Requirements section of the application and program guide beginning on page 14 of the full guide here. Topics covered include:

  • Grantee requirements for citizen participation;
  • Consistency with New Hampshire’s Consolidated Plan;
  • Project Timeline and Phasing;
  • Matching Funds;
  • Unexpended Grant Funds;
  • Audit Cost;
  • Grant Administration Fee;
  • Grant Writing Fee;
  • Other Activity Delivery Costs;
  • Other Resources and Information; and
  • Waivers.


Program Requirements

Guidelines on eligible activities and program requirements are outlined for housing, public facility, economic development, emergency and planning grants in this section. Access full details beginning on page 22 of the full application and program guide here.

CDFA Energy Policy

CDFA’s energy policy applies to any project proposing a physical alteration to existing energy systems (building envelope, mechanical systems, lighting, etc.) or for new construction (includes additions and gut rehabilitation).

The intention of the Energy Policy is that projects will complete appropriate evaluation of comprehensive energy opportunities prior to, or concurrent with, the planning/design of the project in order to inform a design that: 1) reduces future operating and maintenance costs; 2) improves occupant comfort and health; and/or 3) improves building durability. Please refer to CDFA Energy Policy for guidance.

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