Section 3.1 Funding Method of Distribution
New Hampshire’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is offered to eligible cities and counties for a wide range of activities as authorized under Section 105(a) of the Housing and Community Development Act (HCDA) of 1974, as amended. The state annually expects to receive new CDBG funds for distribution to non-entitlement cities and counties for eligible projects. The CDBG funds covered by this Method of Distribution (MOD) include: new funds, unobligated program year funds, any program income received and grant funds recaptured from projects funded in prior grant years. The Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) will manage the competitive award and funding process for eligible projects under this Method of Distribution.

3.1.1 Citizen Participation

3.1.2 Consistency with New Hampshire’s Consolidated Plan
3.1.3 CDBG Priorities
State Objectives
3.1.4 Priority Activities Offered through New Hampshire’s CDBG Program
3.1.5 Targets

3.1.6 Program Year

3.1.7 Funds Remaining

3.1.8 Obligating Funds
3.1.9 Grantee Eligibility and General Requirements
3.2 Administration Requirements

Section 3.3 New Hampshire Priority Activities

Section 3.4 Categories of Funding – Grant Requirements

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