How to Apply

All applications must be completed and submitted on CDFA’S Grants Management System information on how to use the Grants Management System can be found on the CDFA Resource Hub (link).

The application requires applicants to detail their specific project, describe the extent to which it aligns with program objectives, and provide other pertinent information that will help CDFA determine the applicant organization’s capacity to complete a successful project.

An outline of CDFA’s Community Economic Development Capacity Building Program application can be found in Appendix A of the full application and program guide.

CDFA’s Technical Assistance to Applicants

CDFA works with partners to advance new ideas, thinking, and innovation in community economic development & clean energy efforts, throughout New Hampshire. We work closely with partners during the pre-application phase to understand their needs, align those needs with our technical assistance and financing resources, and make connections with other potential sources of support, where feasible. Much of this work takes place when partners are only just beginning to explore and develop solutions to a specific community need. It is our hope that engaging CDFA in the pre-application stage of project development can help community leaders understand the technical and financial resources available, and strengthen a project’s likelihood for success by addressing any potential challenges, early on.

In an effort to increase access and expand the pool of successful applicants, CDFA is offering the following support, in addition to our pre-application technical assistance.

Grant Writing Support

CDFA will provide qualifying applicants with financial resources to help prepare their applications. Please discuss your need during your pre-application meeting or see this page to learn more.

Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Please review the guidance if you are planning to apply with a fiscal sponsor.

Please reach out to us directly if you have questions or concerns about how to apply as a fiscally sponsored project.

CDFA staff will not review draft proposals. However, the team will be happy to direct you to outside consultants and resources that may be helpful in crafting a successful application.

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