Program Overview  

CDFA’s Small Business Energy Audit Fund (EAF) provides grant funding to reduce the cost of comprehensive energy audits for New Hampshire agricultural producers and rural small businesses.  A comprehensive energy audit can help business owners identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that reduce operating costs and increase productivity, occupant comfort, and safety. The audit will estimate implementation costs, savings, and payback. CDFA will work with qualifying business owners to identify an eligible energy auditor as well as incentives and financing opportunities available for implementing the recommended energy upgrades.  The program will also be coordinated with utility energy efficiency programs.

This program is part of CDFA’s Clean Energy Fund, which provides low-interest loans along with energy technical assistance and project funding guidance to NH businesses, non-profits and municipalities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Funding for the program comes from a USDA Rural Energy for America (REAP) grant as well as support from the four NH utilities (Eversource, Liberty Utilities, Unitil, and NHEC).

Program Objectives

  1. Provide access for New Hampshire businesses to reduced cost energy audits in order to guide implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy installations that:
    1. Reduce operating costs
    2. Reduce energy use and related environmental impacts
    3. Improve non-energy benefits including: Building durability, occupant comfort and safety, and workplace productivity;
  2. Provide technical assistance to prospective applicants as well as to contractors and partners including in the early stages of a project;
  3. Coordinate with contractors, utilities and other partners to identify projects that might benefit from a broader assessment of energy opportunities;
  4. Inform applicants about financial and technical resources from CDFA and other entities and specifically USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Loans & Grants.
  5. Inform prospects of CDFA’s other programs about energy opportunities related to their proposed projects.
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