All Predevelopment Loan Program applicants receive programmatic and financial review. Appendix B – Scoring Rubric provides the scoring rubric.

Proposed projects for predevelopment/technical assistance loan funding must meet the following conditions:

  • The proposed project must have a public purpose or provide a clear public benefit. Such benefits must be quantifiable and presented as part of the application.
  • Other funding sources are not available for predevelopment activities related to the proposed project.
  • CDFA’s support is necessary to enable predevelopment activities and to help advance the proposed project to the final planning and financing stage.
  • The proposed project has a reasonable chance to proceed to final planning and financing—community interest/support, organizational capacity to move the project forward, preliminary funding commitments, etc.
  • The applicant has received or is seeking approval for all applicable environmental, zoning, building, planning and sanitation laws and regulations needed for the proposed project.
  • The applicant has the management and financial capacity to coordinate and oversee predevelopment activities and can benefit from technical assistance.
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