Program Overview & Objectives

The L5 Capacity Building Program is a subset of CDFA’s Tax Credit Program and awards up to $375,000 annually in resources to strengthen organizations in New Hampshire focused on community and economic development.

Grants made to eligible projects are in the form of tax credit equity and serve as a powerful fundraising tool. Businesses with New Hampshire tax liability support awarded projects by purchasing the credits resulting in the nonprofit receiving a donation and the company receiving a 75 percent New Hampshire state tax credit against that contribution. The credit can be applied against the Business Profits Tax, Business Enterprise Tax or Insurance Premium Tax. The donation may also be eligible for treatment as a state and federal charitable contribution.

CDFA’s founding legislation and foundational guidance for the Tax Credit Program can be found in New Hampshire RSA 162-L.

The program objective is to enable non-profits to focus on capacity building activities that will improve their organizational infrastructure and/or develop new or enhance existing programs. By funding critical strategic initiatives at a pivotal point in an organization’s development, CDFA is enabling its partners to deepen their mission by delivering increased value and meaning to the communities they serve.

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